Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Great S-Crepe

The bright yellow autumn leaves were no match for the hot pink trailer.

Between the leaves still clinging to the tree and those already dusting the ground near the Ballston Metro, Solar Crepes popped out of the landscape.

I recently visited the solar-powered food cart for the first time--and then the second time, all in the span of a week. I hold food carts to a high standard, and Solar Crepes exceeded it. Their website boasts: "Almost every ingredient is organic or local!" I was in local-ganic heaven.

Kabocha squash special
On my initial visit, I ordered the Kabocha squash special, a savory crepe bulging with the almost iridescent orange veggie. Next time, I went for the Tuscan white bean hummus crepe, a regular menu item that comes with tomatoes and spinach. Both were deliciously fresh--soft crepes with a slightly crispy exterior that gave way to fillings galore, creating a tasty mess.

Opened by Danna Andrews and Camille Dierksheide in July, Solar Crepes will continue serving crepes through the winter. Last week, Andrews and Dierksheide had already busted out their knit caps for extra warmth in the tiny trailer kitchen.

Lots of the components of Solar Crepes' menu come from Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania farms. Their buckwheat crepes are gluten free, and they also offer sweet crepes--like chocolate and sugar lemon--that are served on white flour crepes. Check out the unique beverage offerings, too; there are smoothies made with milk from local farms and even chocolate sodas!

I hope the food cart trend is here to stay--in Arlington and elsewhere. The food-scape could use more bright spots like Solar Crepes.

Just remember to ask for extra napkins.

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